Sugar beet
Sugar beet – perennial crops with a high content of sucrose. Grow the crops primarily for the production of sugar and less for animal feed. For the first time on the qualities of the plant, said the German chemist Andreas Marggraf in 1747. He studied the vegetable pulp and determined that its composition is similar to the composition of cane sugar. And already in 1801, a pupil of the famous scientist, Franz Karl Achard put into practice the knowledge of the teacher – opened a factory for the processing of sugar beet and sugar production out of it. Since then the breeders all over the world working on the conclusion of new varieties of sugar crops and have achieved this tremendous success. Today, many cultural hybrids give a high yield of root vegetables with a high content of sucrose.
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EFC Moldova Zahar Ltd cooperates with more than 100 suppliers of sugar beet, than providing additional jobs to hundreds of workers, which significantly affects the reduction of unemployment in the region. Support farmers in the field of agricultural products, seeds, plant protection, fuel, as well as organizes and finances the planting, collection and transport of sugar beet.
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