Fertilizers for sugar beets
Organic fertilizers are applied under the previous culture or after harvest of the previous crop in the autumn plowing in the amount of 40-80 tons /ha. Adding fresh decomposed manure in spring it is prohibited.
The norm of mineral fertilizers is calculated from the content of available soil nutrient, the planned harvest and removal of nutrients from the soil.
The dose of nitrogen fertilizer on the background of 60-80 t/ha of organic fertilizer on fertile soils should not exceed 150 kg/ha of application rate. Use ammonium sulfate, urea, UAN, which make the pre-sowing treatment. At a dose of nitrogen higher than 100 kg/ha application rate uses CAS for 7-10 days before planting. Fertilizing with nitrogen is carried out in the case if the operation cannot make a full dose of nitrogen before sowing.
For sugar beet are used phosphate fertilizers in the form of ammoniated granular superphosphate, monoammonium phosphate; potash fertilizers – potash, sylvinite, potassium salt.
The period of intensive consumption of mineral nutrients of sugar beet long – from June to September, so the basic fertilizer under plowing is made not less than 70% of the full rate of phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur-containing fertilizers.
Use of complex fertilizer ensures an optimal ratio of mineral nutrition of sugar beet. Contribute as a starter fertilizer at sowing cultivation – 3-4 kg/ha or at planting – 1-2kg /ha.
The cultivation of sugar beet on soils with a pH of less than 6,0 is carried out under the previous culture liming or directly under sugar beet dust dolomite flour or defecate. In areas used for liming beet defecate.
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