Moș Zaharia

Sugar “Mos Zaharia” is created by EFC “Moldova Sugar” Ltd to return back in our life simplicity and joy of communicating with the loved ones, the tendency to make it as sweet as we looked in childhood.

Mos Zaharia sugar is a 100% native produced from sugar beet grown in the north of the country. Over 500 people work throughout the year to ensure the pleasure of sweet mornings.

Available Packaging

5 g Stick

White sugar sticks, dissolve easily, partitioned, with a capacity of 5 gr. Convenient form of the product, packaged bagels, hygienic, ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes. Perfect for travel during the picnic, conferences and offices. Indispensable during business meetings or social events. It is packed in package of 5 gr. Packaging group: 100 x 5 g or 200 x 5 g.

1 kg Polypropylene Pack

Crystal white sugar is known for decades. It is recommended, among other things, to sweeten hot and cold drinks, cakes baking etc. It is packed in 1 kg packages. Group packaging: 12 x 1 kg

1 kg Paper Pack

Widely used in everyday life, this is the classic types of sugar with excellent solubility characteristics.
It is packed in package of 1 kg. Packaging group: 12x1kg.

Zaharia-1kg-har-alb copy
Zaharia-1kg-har-bru copy

500 g Cardboard Pack

This is optimal form and quantity for true gourmets, for those who want not only a perfectly natural taste, but also the aesthetics and handiness of a correctly designed pack.

Zaharia-500g-alb copy
Zaharia-500g-alb copy

500 g Sugar Cubes Pack

A classic delight that reminds of the most beautiful moments of the childhood. Cubes are the right form for those who love sweet drinks, suitable both in the office and at home.

Zaharia-cub-alb copy
Zaharia-cub-brun copy

Powdered Sugar Packs

The powdered sugar of Moș Zaharia is the perfect choice for those who love to cook grandparents’ recipes. It ensures your desert both the fine taste of absolutely natural sugar and the look of a Michelin restaurant dish.

Zaharia-pudra-250g copy

5 kg Pack

A real treasure – the 5 kg sugar package from Moș Zaharia. Suitable for those who cook frequently and with great love desserts or for those who make their supplies of jam for a whole winter.