Industrial sugar

An indispensable product in the human life. Natural, beet, high purity, crystalline whiteness. For home and food industries.
Food white sugar is made in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations “Sugar. Manufacture and sale” adopted by the Government Resolution of the Republic of Moldova № 774 from 03.07.2007 on the technological instructions, in compliance with the requirements established by normative legal acts of the Republic of Moldova.

Crystalline sugar is produce with sizes of crystals from 0.2 to 2.5 mm inclusive. Depending on the parameters of quality white sugar is divided into two categories: extra white, white and semi-white.
Quality control of sugar carried out on organoleptic, physical, chemical and microbiological parameters. As well as checking for the content of toxic elements, radionuclides, sulfur dioxide and ferroimpurities.

Available packaging

50 kg Bags

Crystal sugar in 50 kg bags.
Net weight: 50.00 kg
Gross weight: 50.10 kg
Packing: polypropylene bag with polyethylene lining
Dimensions: 560 x 970

1000 kg Big Bag

Crystal sugar.
Net weight: 1000.00 kg
Gross weight: 1000.002 kg
Packing: polypropylene bag with polyethylene lining
Dimensions: 750 X 1050 X 1500 mm