Chemical protection against weeds
For control of weeds is using herbicides included in the “State Register of plant protection products (pesticides) and fertilizers permitted for use on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.”
Terms of use of soil herbicides in the spring: on loamy soils with humus content of up to 3%; on light soils with sufficient moisture; in the presence in a part of a crop rotation of winter rape.
Post-emergence application of herbicides should be carried out at an air temperature at ground level 15-250C, the interval between spraying and precipitation should be at least 5-6 hours. Adding herbicides produced sprayers with flow rate of the working liquid 200-250 l/ha, at a wind speed of 3-5 m/s.
Under extreme weather conditions during the treatment (prolonged drought, low temperatures at the beginning of the growing season), with weeds growing over or stretch-emergence herbicide application rate betanalnoy group recommended to increase by 20-25%.
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